Public panel debate: Between neoliberalism and the far right: WTF?!

We’re living in times of crisis, times of breakdown. Inequalities are on the rise thanks to an economic system designed by and for the 1%. Citizens are questioning the ability of traditional parties and state institutions to respond to the demand for more and better democracy. Unfortunately, in many countries it’s the authoritarian right – the Trumps, Erdogans and Le Pens – that is best taking advantage of this desire for change, putting human rights, especially those of women and migrants, at risk. We need brave, transformative ideas that can offer an alternative to the politics of fear and to unchecked speculation. In this panel we’ll debate what these ideas might be.

Keynote address: 
Vandana Shiva, Philosopher and Activist

Laura Pérez
, Councilor for Feminisms and LGBTI, Barcelona City Council
Valery Alzaga, Labour organizer and migrant rights activist
Rachel Heaton, Co-founder, Seattle NoDAPL Coalition
Fatima Taleb, 
Councilor for Participation, Badalona City Council
Ivan Lam Long-Yin, Standing Committee of Demosisto, Founding Convener of Scholarism, Hong Kong
Yayo Herrero, Anthropologist and Ecofeminist

(Session open to the public: pre-registration not required)

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