Latin America has become a formidable center of multiple experiences of political transformation, most of them still in an embryonic state, but capable of sowing futures and encouraging changes in the present. The recognized dynamics of civil society in the region have – as in other regions of the world – set their sights on improving political praxis, democratic institutions and the quality of leadership, with a view to democratizing power.

In this space, the CLIP Initiative will be presented, which articulates the efforts of 7 organizations from different Latin American countries (School of Political Innovation, Southern Affairs, Avina, Intelligent Citizen, Network Democracy, Simone de Beauvoir Latin American Institute and Update) to generate tangible impacts in three areas of innovation: training and education, knowledge management and accompaniment to political experiences at the local level.

In a second part of the meeting, we will present some of the special experiences we have followed from CLIP, such as the Open Government of Nariño (Colombia), the legislative mandate of Pedro Kumamoto in Jalisco (Mexico) or the election of councilors in San Pablo (Brazil) The Activist Bench.

Organized by CLIP

Initial list of speakers: Javier Arteaga Romero, Samia Bomfim, Aurea Carolina de Freitas,Susana Ochoa, Caio Tendolini, Pablo Vagliente.

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