Community strategies against institutional racism: civil society, strategic litigation and municipal policies (part i)

The deaths of Idrissa Diallo, Samba Martine and Alik Manukyan in Spanish detention centers sparked new campaigns against institutional racism and racist policies in Spain. In the following years, the arrival of citizen-led political organizations in the Spanish institutional sphere promised a new tool with which to combat these policies with renewed strength.
Though migration policy and citizenship tend to be competencies of the State and not municipal governments, cities can provide major instruments through which to protect the civil and political rights of immigrant communities and minorities. There are two main areas of intervention: a review of municipal public policies geared towards protecting civil and political rights, and a new understanding of the relationship between municipal governments, civil society and social movements as a tool for actively protecting the rights ofresidents facing raids, ethnic profiling, internment in immigrant detention centers, or expedited deportation.
This side event provides a space in which to exchange knowledge, strategies and experiences of struggle against institutional racism in various local contexts. A broad range of topics will be addressed with the hopes of developing a common narrative, building international and inter-municipal networks against institutional racism and strengthening cooperation between social movements, legal teams, cultural actors and city governments.
Organized by Metromuster
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