In the frame of the meeting Fearless Cities, OpenDemocracy (UK/International), Altermédias/Basta! (France), and the “Right to Information” group of Barcelona en Comú are inviting independent media from Europe and all over the world, as well as the journalists coming to Barcelona to cover the Fearless Cities Conference, to a Fearless Media side-event. In this meeting we’ll gather representatives of new media working to be the alternative to the hegemonic message of the mass media communication groups. During this meeting, we propose to:
– Get to know each other and share on our common challenges and strategies as independent media
– Explore ideas for further collaboration between us
– And in particular share our plans for reporting on the Fearless Cities meeting and explore how we could collectively support the “fearless cities” agenda through further reporting.

For further information or registration, please contact fearlessmediabcn2017@gmail.com

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