All around the world we can see examples of cities and autonomous regions where social movements have risen, organizing and implementing bottom-up democratic structures. People are sick of the current system and have decided to unite and create a change in a time of crisis. What about us living in countries where there aren’t such visible crisis? We have problems with achieving equality and justice for all but we are not in the midst of war or economic turmoil. But we do indeed have different crisis in our societies, though they might not be as visible, are not felt by a majority or people are not yet acting together in large numbers.

How can we analyze our crisis and make them visible? How do we mobilize and act together on the issues we are facing in our societies? How can we engage people in the goal for a democratic society?

We are inviting fellow participants at the Fearless Cities forum from countries and cities with similar realities to discuss these questions and to exchange knowledge with each other. And of course anyone is welcome no matter what places they live in.

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