PUBLIC PANEL DEBATE: Democracy from the bottom up: municipalism and other stories

Around the world, movements and organizations are working, against the odds, to build a better democracy from the bottom up. They’re working in neighbourhoods, territories, urban peripheries and rural areas to set up new economic models, feminize politics and put care at the centre of the debate, and to protect the commons. They are the foundation of any cultural, political and economic transformation that seeks to be sustainable. In this panel we’ll discuss how municipalist and other grassroots movements work, their unique characteristics as compared to other strategies, and what relationship they should seek with state and transnational projects.

Gala Pin
, Councilor for Participation, Barcelona City Council
Joan Subirats, Professor of Political Science and Researcher at the Institute of Government and Public Policies (IGOP) of the Autonomous University of Barcelona
Sinam Mohamad  Foreign envoy to Rojava Administration North Syria
Ritchie Torres, Deputy Leader, New York City Council
Debbie Bookchin, Journalist and Writer
Iago Martínez, Chief of Staff, Mayor’s Office, A Coruña City Council
Chloe Eudaly, Commissioner, Portland City Council

(Session open to the public: no pre-registration required)

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