Policy roundtable 12: Sanctuary and refuge cities

  • 10:00 - 12:00
  • Capacity60
  • LanguageEN

While States build walls and fences, cities and towns are welcoming refugees and providing spaces of sanctuary to undocumented residents. Here we’ll discuss the role of cities and towns in challenging the rise of the far right and how local governments and social movements can work to protect human rights and forge inclusive, non-ethnocentric identities.

Ignasi Calvó, Coordinator of the Refuge City Plan, Barcelona, Spain
Liora Danan, Chief Of Staff at NYC Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, New York City
Daniel Gutierrez, Interventionistische Linke, Berlin
Xristina Moschovidou, Omnes voluntary association, Kilkis, Greece
Amélie Canonne, Emmaus International, Paris

Policy roundtable 13: Commons

  • 10:00 - 12:00
  • Capacity60
  • LanguageEN

What are the urban commons and how should they be governed? This workshop will present models that go beyond the public-private dichotomy from cities around the world.

Anne-Sophie Olmos
, Councilor for Public Management and Procurement, Grenoble City Council
Giuseppe Micciarelli
, Massa Critica, Naples
Mayo Fuster, procomuns.net, Wikipedia
Iolanda Fresnillo, La Hidra Cooperativa, Barcelona
Sylvia Fredriksson, Remix the Commons


Policy roundtable 18: Transparency and the fight against corruption (ES)

  • 12:30 - 14:30
  • Capacity60
  • LanguageES

Presentation of projects by city halls and social movements to fight corruption at local level, including Barcelona’s whistleblower mailbox.

Jaume Asens,
Fourth Deputy Mayor for Civil Rights, Participation and Transparency, Barcelona City Council
Eulàlia Reguant, MP in the Catalan Parliament, Popular Unity Candidacy (CUP)
Yago Álvarez
, Municipalist Network Against Illegitimate Debt and Cuts
Simona Levi, Xnet
Xiomara Caro, Director of New Organizing Projects, Center for Popular Democracy, USA
Ana Taboada, Deputy Mayor of Oviedo